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Microgreens Grow Mat (100 Mats)

Microgreens Grow Mat (100 Mats)

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The easiest way to grow clean and green! 

Experience growing fresh microgreens at home 365 days a year with our eco-friendly bamboo fiber grow mats.

🌱 Ultra Clean: No soil, no mess.
👌 Easy to use: Just add your favorite microgreen seeds, water, and enjoy a whole tray of luscious microgreens in as little as 10 days.
♻️ Naturally Biodegradable: Our mats will degrade naturally and are home compostable.
🧑‍🌾 Food Grade Safe: Our mats are certified Oeko-Tex 100 and FDA CFR 21 177.1850, ensuring they are safe for your microgreens and you.


✅ 100 pre-cut mats designed to fit standard 10"x 20" germination trays. 
 Microgreens Grow Guide

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*International customs and duty fees are to be paid by the customer as every country has different policies. We don't have the capability of getting customs/duty quotes beforehand.

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  • Extremely Clean

    Made from sustainable bamboo fibers. No glue, additives or binders are added.

  • Naturally Biodegradable

    87% of the mat will desintigrate within 45 days!

  • Outstanding Water Retention

    Our mats can hold up to 9.5 times their weight in water.

  • Safety Testing

    Clean and safe for you (Oeko-Tex 100 and FDA CFR 21 177.1850 certifications)

"These grow mats make it convenient to grow microgreens at home with less mess and are biodegradable so you can toss them in your compost pile or bin.."

- Misilla D -

Looking for something bigger?

Our grow roll is perfect for custom sizing and larger operations.