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Microgreens Grow Mat (10 Mats)

Effortless, Clean, Fast

A significant water reduction and no mess. Enjoy growing microgreens at home.

  • Fast - sprinkle seeds and harvest in 10 days
  • Clean - no soil, no mess. Grow indoors 365 days a year
  • Cheaper - save on water costs
  • Organised - make your at home garden look great
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Microgreens Grow Roll (10in x 100ft)

Need More Space?

We've got you covered! This super roll will provide all the space you need to grow your microgreens quickly and effortlessly.

  • Adaptable Size - cut to your preferred size
  • Easy To Clean - no mess or nasty bacteria
  • Sustainable - our mats are biodegradable
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  • Great Growing Medium for Microgreens!

    I’ve had excellent results with these grow mats and we’re harvesting microgreens a couple of days a week!

    - Misilla D (Learn To Grow)

  • Using Vegbed to Germinate

    Material was great - easy to use! Germination was easy, successful due to the characteristics of the mat. 

    - Joyce L

  • Clean and easy

    Good moisture retention. Cleaner than hemp and coco and seems to work better for crops that take 5-6 weeks to mature.

    - Derek P

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Forget Boring Salads

  • Start growing your own flavor combinations.

  • Microgreens taste great on almost anything!

  • With 40x the nutrient content compared to full grown plants, adding a daily healthy dose has never been easier.

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What you need to know

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use the grow mats?

Check out our grow guide here!

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Here is an easy guide to get you on your way and growing in no time.

A video version of this guide can be seen here

1. Place the grow mat into a standard 10” x 20” growing tray. If you don’t have one, you can cut the mat to your preferred size for your custom tray. 

2. Using a spray bottle, gently mist the mat until it is fully saturated. It should be moist but not overly wet. (It is preferable to use filtered water. An under sink filter works great and can filter a large amount of water quickly. Depending on where you live, the tap water pH might be a little high, so you might need to lower it a bit to around 6 - 6.5).

3. Sprinkle about 1 - 2 oz. of seed onto the mat making sure the entire mat is evenly coated. Small seeds would be approximately 10 - 12 seeds per square in and larger seeds approximately 6 - 8 seeds. Extra large seeds (e.g. - Peas, sunflower) don’t even have to use the medium.

4. Using the spray bottle, give the entire tray another gentle spray, making sure to make contact with all the seeds.

5. Cover the tray (if you are using a 10x20 tray you can just place another one on top creating a dome to seal out all the light) and place in a dark area with temperatures around 72°F. You shouldn’t have to water again until after you bring them into the light. (Just in case, check once a day and water if mat is dry). You can also stack another tray on top and add weight to give more resistance to the micros.

6. After about 3-4 days the seedlings should have sprouted. At this point you can uncover the tray and place them under a light source. Household T5 fluorescent tubes are a cheap and economical solution. You can also use LED full spectrum lighting as a solution for cheaper running costs.

7. You should only have to water once a day at this point. Remember to bottom water the microgreens and not to spray them from the top. You can do this by pouring in water from one end of the tray. 


*Our mats are naturally inert. There are no nutrients or fertilizers embedded inside. We like to leave it up to each individual farm to add their own nutrients. Those that are coming from soil farming, there actually is some starter fertilizer inside the mixture (something that isn't commonly known). 

Therefore the growths won't be the same if you just add water. If you add a few mL of nutrients to our grow mats, you will see yields comparable or even better than soil!


8. Depending on your seed variety, you should be able to harvest within 10-14 days. 

9. Share your photos with us on Instagram by tagging us @vegbed and hashtag #vegbed. Or you can send them directly to Happy harvesting!

    Where do you ship to?

    We ship worldwide! We do our best to ship anywhere around the world as we want everyone to be able to grow delicious, clean greens.

    If you are outside of the US, shipping times can vary due to customs. We can't control the duties/taxes and do not know what they may be beforehand.

    Please be patient with shipping times. Thanks!

    What can you grow on the mats?

    You can grow almost all varieties of microgreens. Some of the easiest to grow include Napa cabbage, Radish, Broccoli, Turnip, Bok Choy, Pea shoots, Cress, Lettuce (Romaine), Komatsuna, Endive, Mustard, Wheatgrass.

    Some farms have also been able to grow baby leaf lettuce on our mats!

    Are the grow mats sustainable?

    Yes! Our grow mats are made from bamboo, which is highly sustainable. Bamboo is the FASTEST growing plant on earth and doesn't need special pesticides or other chemicals to grow.

    You can think of them as a weed!

    Are Vegbed grow mats biodegradable?

    Our grow mats are 100% Biodegradable. They will also compost within 2–6 months, depending on your specific product and composting conditions.

    Carbon footprint – Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than the same volume of trees.

    Can you do custom sizing?

    Yes! For custom sizing we require a minimum order quantity.

    Please reach out to us at with your size specifications and expected amount needed.