Our Story


Vegbed was founded in 2017 by Albert Lin who wanted to create a better and easier to use growing medium for the hydroponic community. 

It all started when I saw an image my friend posted on Facebook on him growing a whole bed of lettuce, but it wasn't in the ground. I was blown away when he mentioned he was using hydroponics and the amount of water he was saving.

That's when I started to do more research on hydroponic growing and asked myself, "Why aren't more people growing this way?" It just seemed so much more efficient in every aspect than regular soil growing.

I HAD to try it out. I started my own vertical farm trials (which you can see above) and tested out a variety of growing methods and mediums. 

I watched how some mediums performed against others and how much of a pain it was to clean the residue some left throughout the system. I also wasn't a fan of the fungus and bacteria that would grow on top of rockwool and cotton cubes.

That's why I started Vegbed. I wanted to find a solution that was clean, easy and wouldn't break the bank (grow medium costs can add up quickly!). I hope you can help spread the word about the awesomeness of hydroponics and I'll keep doing research so that we can help change our urban farming landscape!


We'd love to hear from you! Drop us a line anytime at info@vegbed.com.