Microgreens Grow Guide

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Bamboo Fiber Mat Growing Instructions

Here's a easy guide to get you on your way and growing in no time.

1. Place the bamboo fiber mat into a standard 10” x 20” growing tray. If you don’t have one, you can cut the mat to your preferred size for your custom tray.

2. Using a spray bottle, gently mist the mat until it is fully saturated. It should be moist but not overly wet.

(It is preferable to use filtered water. An undersink filter works great and can filter a large amount of water quickly. Depending on where you live, the tap water pH might be a little high, so you might need to lower it a bit to around 6 - 6.5)

3. Sprinkle about 1 - 2 oz. of seed onto the mat making sure the entire mat is evenly coated. Small seeds would be approximately 10 - 12 seeds per square in and larger seeds approximately 6 - 8 seeds.

4. Using the spray bottle, give the entire tray another gentle spray, making sure to make contact with all the seeds.

5. Cover the tray (if you are using a 10x20 tray you can just place another one on top creating a dome to seal out all the light) and place in a dark area with temperatures around 72 deg F. You shouldn’t have to water again until after you bring them into the light.

6. After about 3-4 days the seedlings should have sprouted. At this point you can uncover the tray and place them under a light source. They should look “leggy” and reaching for a light source. Household T5 fluorescent tubes are a cheap and economical solution.

7. You should only have to water once a day at this point. Remember to bottom water the microgreens and not to spray them from the top.

8. Depending on your seed, you should be able to harvest within 10-14 days! Happy harvesting!