How do I use Microgreen Grow Mats?

How long does it take for microgreens to grow?

  • Most microgreen seeds varieties can be grow within 10-14 days with some varieties harvestable in just 7 days.

How often do I need to water them?

  • Vegbed grow mats are highly water absorbant. You usually only need to bottom water the trays once per day. 

What if I don't have a lot of sunlight?

  • Not a problem. Microgreens can be grown indoors under LED grow lights. These can be easily purchase online at Amazon or other stores. It allows you to grow 365 days a year and control the amount of light they get.

Where can you ship?

  • We ship worldwide! If you are a large grower or farm please contact us to discuss bulk order quotes.

    I own/manage a farm. Can I order larger quantities and receive discounted bulk pricing?

    • Definitely! We know one of the largest recurring costs for hydroponic farms is growing medium. We want to help you be profitable. Please fill out our request form, or email info@vegbed.com for more information.