Bamboo Microgreens Grow Mat (100 Mats)
microgreens growing on Vegbed bamboo fiber microgreen mat
Bamboo Microgreens Grow Mat (100 Mats)
Bamboo Microgreens Grow Mat (100 Mats)
Bamboo Microgreens Grow Mat (100 Mats)

Bamboo Microgreens Grow Mat (100 Mats)

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Ultra Clean Microgreens

Our microgreen mat is the first and only growing medium to be made from sustainable bamboo fibers. If you grow soilless/hydroponically, it will save you tons of time prepping, seeding, harvesting and cleaning.

They are also able to biodegrade within a few months depending on your compost/soil system. With some seed varieties, grow a whole luscious tray of microgreens in just 10 days!

Our mats:

  • Outstanding water retention (Holds 9.5 times its weight in water!)
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Naturally biodegradable
  • Leaves no mess or residue - easy clean up
  • Transfer directly to packaging or deliver straight to the restaurant. No soil or coco mess.
  • No harmful chemicals and food grade safe (Oeko-Tex 100 and FDA CFR 21 177.1850 certifications).
  • Won't alter microgreen taste like other mediums.
  • Click here for our Microgreens Grow Guide

Comes with 100 mats total and are pre-cut to fit standard 10" x 20" germination trays. 

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