Pilot Turned Farmer - Funky Farmer Microgreens Interview

Pilot Turned Farmer - Funky Farmer Microgreens Interview

microgreens growing on vegbed grow mats


"... I would say things that limit your variables to the maximum and your product really helps with that...It makes it way easier to hone in on efficiency." 💡

Thanks for the kind words Robb! 🙏

I had the pleasure of interviewing Robb Patton of Funky Farmer Microgreens about how he got started (during COVID) and his growth journey with his farm.

Some of the topics we discuss:
🌱 How Robb's background as a commercial pilot led to the exciting world of microgreens.
🌱 The unique timing of Funky Farmer Microgreens, beginning its journey during the COVID-19 pandemic.
🌱 The continuous process of research and development (R&D) that fuels their growth.
🌱 The variety of microgreens they produce.
🌱 Their sustainable practices, including the use of Vegbed grow mats to reduce waste and simplify the cleaning process.

If you're a microgreen grower, thinking about starting a microgreens business, or simply interested in sustainable farming practices, this interview provides a wealth of information and inspiration.

Check out the full interview here 

If you're looking for a cleaner and sustainable growing medium: Jotform

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