Hort Americas and VegBed Team Up to Offer New Microgreen Medium for Farms

Hort Americas and VegBed Team Up to Offer New Microgreen Medium for Farms


Hort Americas and VegBed Team Up to Offer New Microgreen Medium for Farms

Hort Americas partnering with VegBed to offer their sustainable bamboo fiber microgreen mats

HortAmericas VegBed Partnership

NEW YORK, NY [February 12, 2019] - Hort Americas, North America’s top commercial horticultural supplier, and VegBed, the leader of innovative hydroponic growing mediums have announced today an exciting new partnership to offer microgreen farms a sustainable medium to grow with.

The agreement complements the current growing media product lineup at Hort Americas and strengthens the distribution reach of VegBed's sustainable microgreen mats. It will give farmers a new option and allow them to speed up their production process by growing their microgreens efficiently and cleanly.

VegBed Bamboo Fiber Microgreen Mat   VegBed Bamboo Microgreen Mats Growing Broccoli Radish
VegBed Bamboo Fiber Microgreen Mat (Photo: VegBed)


The demand for soil-alternative growing mediums and more efficient growing methods have been increasing over the past few years, with Hort Americas being the premier supplier to many CEA farms.

VegBed’s microgreen mats fit industry standard 10” x 20” trays and leave no residue. The bamboo fiber is highly absorbent and 100% biodegradable, preventing trays from drying out quickly. The mats will be available on Hort Americas website on [date] and farms can take advantage of a bulk discounted rate.

Commenting on the agreement, Albert Lin, founder of VegBed said "We are thrilled to be partnering with Hort Americas to supply the industry’s growing needs for sustainable microgreen mediums. We are set to increase our presence in the growing medium space and plan to expand in 2019 with new materials and designs. The partnership with Hort Americas is a great addition for our distribution channels and will help both of our companies to continue to grow."

Chris Higgins, founder at Hort Americas adds "Hort Americas is always looking for new, innovative and sustainable products for the commercial greenhouse, vertical farm and hydroponic industries.  We tested VegBed at the Big Tex Urban Farm and were very happy with the results we achieved with a product that comes from a renewable resource and is easy to dispose of.  We are excited to add this to our ever growing portfolio of grower solutions."

For more information on Hort Americas and their full line of products please visit www.hortamericas.com

To learn more about VegBed growing mediums contact Albert Lin at (646)-247-1783 or email, info@vegbed.com, or visit www.vegbed.com.

About Hort Americas

Hort Americas is an innovative leader in North America’s controlled environment agriculture industry (CEA). Hort Americas strives to innovate agriculture via premium technical support, professional salesmanship, unmatched customer service and outstanding products to our customers in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

About VegBed

VegBed provides the cleanest and easiest to use grow medium for hydroponic farms and other horticultural applications. We currently offer 3 products – foam grow cubes, bamboo fiber microgreen mats and a bamboo fiber microgreens roll.

VegBed can custom size their products for many application types – aeroponics, deep water culture, nutrient film technique, floating raft, vertical, flood & drain and many more. We work with commercial farms, hobby growers and are headquartered in New York, NY.

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