Future Farms and Food Episode 3 - Interview with Wilson Gibbons (Farm.One) | How to Sell to Top Restaurants

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How to Sell your Produce and Microgreens to Top Restaurants | Episode 3 - Wilson Gibbons (Farm.One)

In our 3rd episode (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMU9hNId0jQ&t=) we chat with Wilson Gibbons, sales manager at Farm.One - One of the most unique and innovative vertical farms in the country that grows for top Michelin starred restaurants in NYC. He gives the best sales and marketing advice so you can get your foot in the door at restaurants.

Do you have or are you thinking about starting a vertical farm?

Do you want to know how to get your produce and microgreens into some of your top local restaurants?

Then you need to watch this episode!

Thanks to Wilson for taking the time and sharing his knowledge and insight. If you have further questions you can reach out to him at wilsonrgibbons@gmail.com.

Also, thanks to everyone who asked questions for this interview across Facebook, Instagram and Reddit. I tried to fit as many as I could into this interview!

Interview Timestamps

  1. 0:54 - How do you make first contact with a chef? (Facebook - Margo)
  2. 1:50 - When to try and talk to a chef.
  3. 3:07 - Research a restaurant’s menu.
  4. 5:04 - The most common rejections from chefs.
  5. 8:27 - How do chef’s value variety vs. scale and consistency? (Reddit - upcycled_gourmet)
  6. 11:41 - How important is pre-washing microgreens before delivery? Is there a preferred packaging style or method? (Reddit - frankfromacnl)
  7. 14:34 - What about growing medium in kitchens? (Facebook - Dyanna)
  8. 16:06 - How did you figure out pricing?
  9. 20:27 - Everyone goes after restaurants. What do you think of targeting the places where people need it the most like retirement homes and hospitals? (Instagram - Steven)
  10. 21:13 - How often do restaurants typically order?
  11. 21:57 - How do you handle payments?
  12. 22:23 - Any major issues that happened and how you went about resolving it?
  13. 26:10 - What should you grow if limited on space?
  14. 27:33 - Any other tips or advice?
  15. 29:30 - How to target smaller restaurants.

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  • Really interesting conversation, Albert. I figure the values I had learned from Wilson would resonate with you too since you initially started out on the same path (I read that you tried to start up a vertical farm a few years back). During the talk, Wilson mentioned how farmers must put themselves in the chiefs’ shoes if they want to gain trust and respect. I completely agree with this point. Just like every other business, if you cannot help a person alleviate his pain point, there is a high chance that he (or she) will not find the meaning in the work that you do. In business, it is all about solving problems that (potential) clients may come across.

    Magical Tree

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