Does your recycling bin look like this? How to be more eco-conscious without sacrificing convenience.

I had the idea to write this post while walking my dog around the neighborhood.

It was one of the nights before recycling pickup and it shocked me how many bins that were COMPLETELY filled to the brim with plastic water bottles. (Some homes with 3-4 full bins of water bottles)

Look I understand, it's convenient to buy a case from your local Costco and have water on demand, but at what cost? (Monetarily and environmentally) (btw NJ tap water does taste terrible).

A lot of people have transitioned to work from home or doing a partial in-office schedule. So it's unlikely they are bringing these bottles with them on the go - or else the bins wouldn't be full of them.

I tried using a Pur/Brita filter but it did absolutely nothing. I also learned from my water engineering friend that the only thing they do is filter out the flourine taste. They do NOT filter bacteria/viruses/heavy metals.

So what were my options?

I always wanted a sink mounted water dispenser. Why?

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Pros - unlimited clean water on demand. Great for when you have guests over. Having to constantly refill and wait for the pitchers is pretty annoying.

  • Only have to change the water filter once per year ($31)
  • Only have to change the MRO filter once every 2 years ($89)

So 1 year of essentially unlimited clean water for less than $100.

Cons - none. Seriously I can't think of any. Alright, it uses a bit of electricity.

So think about. Take a look at how many plastic water bottles you go through. I highly recommend you getting a system like this. Your wallet and the environment will thank you!

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