VegBed Grow Cube Growing Instructions

1. Place the sheet into your own plastic growing tray. The VegBed foam is inert, so it does not have any effect on the pH of your water. Most leafy greens can be planted directly into the foam without having to add nutrients. As you add water, gently press down on the foam to make sure it becomes fully saturated, like you would do to a sponge.

*If you have hard water, aren't using filtered water or decide to add nutrients, it's always best to check the pH to make sure it suits your needs. Normal germination pH levels should be around 5.5.

2. After the sheet has completely absorbed the water, place your seeds (at least 2-3 to ensure germination) about 1/3 of the way down (just below the surface) the central slit in the cube. A dial seed sower, or tweezers work best.

*No seed brand has a 100% germination rate. It's always good to plant at least 2-3 seeds to ensure at least one grows, thus giving you an entire sheet of growth.

3. After you have planted all your seeds, fill the tray to ensure the bottom 1/3 of the cubes are submerged.

4. Cover the top of the tray with your dome and make sure no air can circulate in (this can dry out the water and cubes inside). If your tray cover has vents make sure those are closed as well.

5. Place the entire tray in a dark area without any direct sunlight, closets work well. If you can't place it in a closet, place a thick cloth over the tray to block out any light. Make sure the environment/base is not too cold. Slightly above room temperature is best (>72° F).

6. Depending on what you are growing, it make take a few days for the seeds to germinate. Check on the cubes and the environment inside the tray to make sure it is somewhat humid, but not too wet

7. Once your seeds have germinated, remove the cover and get them under a grow light as soon as possible. From then on, continue to make sure there is enough water for the roots to touch down to, and then when ready, transplant to the system of your choice. The tops of the cubes can remain dry at this point to eliminate any chance for algae/fungal growth.

8. Take photos of your awesome plants and tag #myvegbed for a chance to be featured. Happy growing!